Saturday, March 13, 2010

Other Meat Wagon updates

Some updates on the injury front:

Alberto Arias' trapezius injury is solely inflammation, and he could get back to throwing today.

In the same article, we see that Jason Castro is back and feeling better after being out for two days with a stomach bug, with a 102-degree fever.

You may have already seen this, but yesterday Zach Levine assessed the threat level of various injuries within the organization. This was posted obviously before Berkman's surgery, but let's take a look:

Jose Vallejo: The second baseman acquired last year tops the list not because he was going to be a big leaguer this year but because he's the only one whose career appears to be in jeopardy.

Brandon Lyon: Unless we hear that there's been a setback, this is being treated as just a late start to the season.

Jiovanni Mier and his sore shoulder: The top pick from the Astros' 2009 draft class has resumed a throwing program, but general manager Ed Wade said "it's still not progressing the way we want it to."

We also see that Matt Nevarez is experiencing some shoulder soreness, though not on the level that Mier is, apparently; and that Jon Gaston has an "undisclosed foot injury," and has been sent to Houston for an examination and to get a pad to wear on the inside of his cleats.

All in all, we're not the Mets (and I think we can all thank God for that), but it's not a whole lot of fun.