Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Minor League Attendance

The Biz of Baseball released their Minor League attendance database. What do we see from 05-09 among the affiliates? (Note: Attendance numbers are per home game, and rounded to the next whole person)


What's the percentage change across the five years?

Round Rock: -11%
Corpus: -12%
Lancaster: +22.1%
Lexington: -11.9%
Tri-City: +32.5%
Greeneville: -7.2%

So, congratulations to the JetHawks and ValleyCats, though it should be noted that 2009 was the first year under the Astros organization for the JetHawks, and they still jumped in attendance by almost 300 fans/game. And it's due to the tireless promotional schedule that the ValleyCats continue to draw fans despite not being particularly happy with how The Apparatus may be treating the ValleyCats as a franchise.


Ryan Sides said...

Not surprised to see Lancaster so low. Why would you go see single A baseball in southern California anyway? If I was dying to be outside, I'd either hit up the beach or go to a pro game. It's like the situation we had in South Texas a few years ago -- the independent league team in a small community outside of Corpus completely fell apart when the Hooks came to town.

Steve Duer said...

Greeneville may have dropped but they still led the Appy League in attendance by a long shot (2nd was Danville with 1080). Maybe an unemployment rate of over 15% in the Greene County may have contributed to the dip, maybe it is the fact that they were so successful their first year with wins and have been non competitive in resent years.

Steve Duer said...

Another thought on Tri Cities - When the Astros opened up the GCL Astros last year, it gave them 3 short season teams. Only 6 other MLB teams have 3 rookie or short season teams in the US (Cards, Mets, Rays, Royals, Mariners). With the discontent in Tri Cities, and the fact that the Astros own the GCL & Greeneville teams; it makes me wonder if the Astros are going to drop the TC team off their list of player development list when the PDC is up at the end of this season and not replace them.