Wednesday, March 24, 2010

McTaggart makes his pitch for Daigle

In McTaggart's new article, he makes a case for Daigle getting Arias' bullpen spot.

"I feel like I've thrown the ball well. I've done what they've asked me to do and tried to do the best I could. I feel great, the arm feels great and my pitches feel good. My sinker feels good, my split feels great and my slider I'm able to throw behind or ahead in the count. I feel good where I'm at."

"When you throw the ball like that, you've got to be in the mix,"

Three Astros pitchers who are locks, or at least contenders, for the Opening Day staff have yet to allow a run: Roy, Lindstrom, and a dark-horse in Wilton Lopez. Next on the list is Casey Daigle. Roy and Lindstrom have each pitched six innings, but of ten pitchers who have thrown at least seven innings, Daigle and Gervacio have allowed the fewest earned runs. One. Gervacio has 11K:2BB, Daigle has 13K:1BB.

If you want both Daigle and Gervacio, think about this, keeping in mind that Lyon is a lock:


So there will be seven spots in the bullpen. Lyon and Lindstrom are locks. As is Moehler, because he'll make $3m in one of the more short-sighted moves of the off-season. Byrdak is in, too, because with Wright presumably going to Round Rock to start, he'll be the only lefty. So that's three spots for four pitchers (given that Arias is out). Sampson, Fulchino, Gervacio, and Daigle. You have to think that Sampson and Fulchino will be given preference due to previous success. What do you do?