Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arnsberg shows Lindstrom new grip and poof - slider slides more

After Lindstrom struggled through his first outing, Brad Arnsberg pulled Matt Lindstrom aside and showed him a new grip. And it has worked.

I'm getting guys check-swinging on the slider, and I feel like I can throw it for strikes more. That's the key, for sure. Obviously everything comes off the fastball and locating it, but I think my secondary pitches are still coming. I've seen some pretty good results so far this spring, being able to throw them for a strike and also throwing them down and in to lefties. It's still coming along, and I'm glad we have another week and a half to work on it."

And this year, Arnsberg (and not being hurt. And not being in the World Baseball Classic) has helped:
"This year, I actually got a chance to work on things, get my feet wet and get some appearances and prepare myself to go out there and do the same thing during the course of a Major League season. That's going to pay big dividends, especially having a pitching coach that has shown me a few things and helped me get my secondary stuff over."