Saturday, March 6, 2010

Maysonet travels heavy

McTaggart's article focuses on Edwin Maysonet's versatility:

He makes sure to show up with a catcher's mitt, an infielder's glove, an outfield glove and even a first-baseman's mitt, just in case the Astros want him to stretch his versatility even more.

"He fits in because he's very versatile, and if he can't play the outfield, he's capable of playing all infield positions and he makes good, solid contact and is a good guy to have in the clubhouse. He fits into the picture pretty well."

"I don't know where I fit in their plans. I never played a game in the outfield in the big leagues. That goes against me. [Outfielder Cory Sullivan] has four or five years in the big leagues and has experience. If they're looking for a guy that can play outfield and infield, I can do that. But if they're looking for an outfielder, I'm going to have to get a lot of work out there so I can do my best."

What's the hardest part about playing the outfield?
"Fly balls, especially over your head, are kind of tough, and especially with a lefty hitting. You have to play the ball differently. If there's wind, it's going to tail away some. Fly balls are tough."

God knows that's true. I played in a wood-bat league a couple of summers ago, and they stuck me in right field and batted me 9th, mainly so they wouldn't have to forfeit. One time, the ball came off the bat, and I was sure I was going to make a Gary Matthews, Jr. catch at the fence. So I go sprinting back to the wall, eyes on the sky. The ball never arrives. So I look back towards the infield, and the umpire has his hands up. Everyone is looking at me like I just threw up down my shirt. It was a foul ball behind the plate. Lake Monsters 4-Eva.