Monday, March 8, 2010

Lyon: steadily improving; nobody's worrying

McTaggart has an update on Brandon Lyon's shoulder rehab. Namely, he keeps throwing off the mound (30 more pitches today - that's a good two outs worth of work for Jose Valverde), but hasn't thrown to live batters yet.

"We'll see how my arm reacts again [Tuesday], but everything went well and the ball was coming out of my arm pretty good. I'm comfortable where I'm at right now. We'll just come in [Tuesday] and see how it feels and kind of work from there. I don't know when I'm going to get on the mound again, but if I feel good maybe do a light thing [Tuesday]."

That's three bracketed "Tuesdays" by McTaggart in four sentences.

But Mills isn't worried:
"We still have plenty of time. Those concerns still aren't going to come for another week. If he stops progressing like he has, those concerns might come up a little bit, but it's not at that point yet."