Monday, March 8, 2010

Cito Gaston: Kind of a douche, and your recap for ST5

In Alyson Footer's blog post today, she points out that Bud Norris got busted for having a glove that was distracting to Toronto players. (Click the link to see the picture). Who ratted him out? Toronto manager Cito Gaston. This is pure idle, baseless speculation, but do you think Gaston was pissed at Arnsberg?

"I guess (Cito Gaston) said something, which is fair. It's in a rule book to a certain degree. I'm not looking to get an advantage. I'm just going out there with a glove."

Was it a distraction? You tell me, as the Blue Jays beat the Astros 4-1 this afternoon. Norris' line: 2IP, 2H/1ER, 2K:2BB, 1HR.

Let's get to the recap:

What Happened?
Blue Jay hitters collected 14 hits, and still managed to leave 14 on base as the relievers are still apparently working out the kinks. In some foreshadowing, J.R. Towles was The Man, going 3x4 with two more doubles and the lone RBI, scoring Jeff Keppinger.

Why They Lost
Most of the damage was done by the time Norris and Byrdak were done, but it was the offense. Or lack of. The Astros got seven hits all day and three of those were - obviously - courtesy of Towles. And continuing last year's theme, the Astros were 0x6 with RISP, and Carlos Lee left four on base by himself.

Astros pitching
The pitching staff got in a lot of jams that didn't necessarily translate into Blue Jays runs. Norris allowed four baserunners, Byrdak - 3, Fulchino - 2, Daigle - 1, Chacin - 3, Bazardo - 3, C-Lo - 3, and Wilton Lopez is our reliever of the day with the only perfect outing, getting two groundouts and a flyout in his IP.

Astros batting
0-fers: Berkman (0x3), Lee (0x3), Pence (0x3), Johnson (0x3), Keppinger (0x2, BB). All the batting love came courtesy of Towles, who had all the Astros XBHs, as well.
The Astros also managed to strike out seven times and draw only one walk.

Positional Battles

Castro: 1x3 (.400 for the Spring), threw out speedy Joey Gathright trying to steal second.
Santangelo: 0x1 (.000)
Towles: 3x4 (.667)

Yordany: 0x1 (.600)
Bourgeois: 0x1, K (.000)
Sullivan: 1x1 (.167)
Bogusevic: 0x1 (.143)

Shelton: 0x1 (.286)
Johnson: 0x3 (.308)
Navarro: 0x1 (.000)

Man of the Match
Is there any doubt? J.R. Towles. For reasons already discussed.

Goat of the Game
Carlos Lee. 0x3 with 4LOB.