Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lineup for Red Sox & Yankees

Arguably the hardest day in Astros' Spring Training history (pause for yawning) as the Astros take on the Red Sox and the Yankees today.

Lineup vs. Boston:
Bourn (CF)
Matsui (2B)
Towles (C)
Lee (LF)
Johnson (3B)
Shelton (1B)
Sullivan (RF)
Quintero (DH)
Manzella (SS)

Lineup vs. Yankees:
Bourgeois (CF)
Keppinger (2B)
Pence (RF)
Blum (1B)
Feliz (3B)
Michaels (LF)
Castro (C)
Maysonet (SS)
Bogusevic (DH)

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