Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Bray Day! Episode 18

Aaron Bray was the 27th round draft pick for the Astros in last June's amateur draft. He was also the winner of the Astros County Adopt-a-Player contest. Each week, Aaron will write a column for Astros County detailing his off-season. Check the sidebar for archives.

Yesterday, Aaron was able to give us a brief update of his Spring Training, so far...

Spring Training is going well. I arrived Sunday night. Today, Monday, I was able to watch the big league guys take B.P. I went and did some hitting on my own, since it's voluntary for me. It is kind of awe-striking to be so close to big leaguers. I thinks that is what's good about me coming early. I can get my feet wet and get the jitters out. I am excited for my official day to get here, that way I can start doing some things officially. I will say this: the weather has been nice the two days I have been here - 70 today while I was in the batting cages. I am looking forward to having a great time and working hard. Not much has happened up to this point. Check back in a few days and hopefully that will change and I will be busy.

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