Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bray Day! Episode 19

Aaron Bray's postings have been a touch more rare lately as he's busy, you know, playing for the Astros. But he did have a minute to check in and fill us in on what's happening in minor-league Astros camp:

Things are going well down here in Florida. The weather is nice down here, and we go hard everyday from early a.m. to mid afternoon. We started playing games - playing three, one against each of the nearby teams: Detroit, Atlanta and Washington. Things are going to start getting a little heated as people will be cut and are battling for spots on rosters. Today we had an off-day so I was able to go out and play some golf, it was nice to have a day away from the field. Tomorrow it is back to work and finish hard since we have only about a week left. We have one camp day left and the rest of the days we play games.