Friday, March 19, 2010

The '77 Dodgers are killing us

Over at Play That Funky Baseball, your Astros County-managed '77 Astros have been smoked by the Dodgers, losing again, 7-2:

Dodgers 7
Astros 2

The Pesky Domeballers leave eleven on base, while L.A. gets a two-out triple from Garvey in the 1st and a 3-run homer from Lopes in the 6th to chase Banister, seconds after he walks the pitcher to keep the inning going. A little discrepancy there.

Your '77 Astros are hitting just .270, with a team-average 5.02 ERA. Jeez.

Record: 5-6
GB: 2.5

1 comment:

Jeff Polman said...

You're better than the .206-hitting Phillies!