Monday, March 8, 2010

'77 Astros fall to Cards

Over at Play That Funky Baseball, your Astros County-managed 1977 Astros dropped to 2-2 after a 7-4 loss to the Cardinals in 12 innings. The heart-breaker came in the bottom of the 10th, when Art Howe was nailed at the plate.

Astros take 2-zip lead. Cards tie it in 3rd. Astros take 3-2 lead, Cards tie it in 5th. Astros take 4-3 lead, Cards tie it in 7th. Cards take game with three runs in the 12th off Joe Sambito, on a bases-clearing double by Lou Brock. In between: 24 runners LOB combined, Tony Scott nails Howe at the plate trying to score on a Cruz double with two outs in the last of 10th, Watson starts a perfect 3-2-3 DP on Heity Cruz with the bases loaded and one out in the 11th. Scintillating game.

HR: Cedeno

Record: 2-2
GB: 1

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BryanTSC said...

GWRBI-Love it. I'd forgotten about that stat, which, to this day, I had only seen on the baseball cards of my youth.

And now here, I guess.