Friday, February 12, 2010

What's in the truck?

It's Truck Day (see masthead), and the Astros' gear is making its way to Kissimmee. What's in the truck?

The Houston Business Journal tells us:

30 pounds of rosin;

• 600 pounds of laundry detergent;

• 6,192 baseballs;

• 1,000 pairs of baseball pants;

• 300 baseball caps;

• 288 black socks;

• 200 jerseys;

• 200 belts; and

• 150 batting helmets.

Some 31 dozen bats and 20 cases of sunflower seeds and bubble gum shipped out ahead because, well let’s face it, some cargo is apparently more precious than others.



Dave S. said...

You forgot 1 legitimately cool 45th aniversary patch.

Normally patches take up space, look clunky, don't fit into the color or design scheme, or are just completely unexplainable. The Stros' patch is the opposite of all of these. I don't yet know how it looks on the jesey but, assuming its not too big or they put it on the butt like basketball shorts now-a-days, their logo fits not only the current color scheme but draws from previous ones (somehow making the "sunset" jersey's look cool). It makes since, and most of all, it passes the all important, "does this make the jersey look stupid or not-stupid" test.

The Constable. said...


jphelps said...

Dave must hae been a boy scout! That is some serious patch fawning. I