Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Jimmy Van Ostrand carried the torch

Quick: Name every Canadian you know. I'll go first.

Geddy Lee. Bryan Adams. Wayne Gretzky. The Tragically Hip. Jason Bay. Grant Fuhr. Joel, from my The American South class in college!

That's pretty much it. But wait, there's Jimmy Van Ostrand!

Did You Know:

-JVO was part of the Canadian Baseball Team in Beijing?

-He was a torch-bearer for something going on in Vancouver?

-He's going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali to prepare for Spring Training?

-His attention is currently focused on America's Attic for the Winter Olympics:

“I guarantee I will be spending my fair share of time checking things out on TV and over the Internet. I hope that Canada has a great showing and my national pride will definitely be on display south of the border. I have so many memories and experiences from my time over in Beijing that will stay with me forever.

Some of the highlights were the parade of athletes at the opening ceremonies, beating China in front of a packed stadium to open the tournament, watching Usain Bolt break the 100-metre world record and spending time in the Olympic village interacting with so many world-class athletes...

...If you open up your mind there is nothing more entertaining than the Olympics, and kids will get that. I think it will impact them in a positive way. I know I grew up watching the opening ceremonies on TV and being glued to all the different events for the duration of the games. It motivates you because it comes across how hard these people have worked by the emotion you see during the competitions. I know some of the images I saw on TV stuck with me, and for people in Vancouver and Richmond and all over the area being able to witness these things first-hand will be a real boost to local athletics.”

For me, my mind is firmly closed, and ready for Spring Training.