Tuesday, February 16, 2010

These fellas get extra credit

In Brian McTaggart's piece on Mills' first impressions of the Astros complex in Kissimmee, we learn that some players get some extra credit.

So +1s go to the following players for already being at camp:
Matt Lindstrom
Jeff Keppinger
Jeff Fulchino
Jason Castro
Humberto Quintero
Brian Esposito
Casey Daigle
Gary Majewski
Lou Santangelo
Wladimir Sutil


tpack said...

Most disappointing omission: J.R. Towles.

After seeing all those other catchers already there (Lou Santangelo!?!), gotta wonder why J.R. didn't make it. Probably doesn't help that everyone has anointed Castro the next C1 leaving Towles out in the cold.

Ryan Sides said...

Good point tpack.

And further... what else are you gonna do anyway? It's cold, your family (if you have one) is probably working and/or school. If your dream is to play pro ball one day (or become a starter, or become an established pro, or make more money, or whatever), shouldn't you be out in Florida a little early?

BryanTSC said...

I was really hoping to see Paulino's name in that list.

The Constable. said...

+1 to tpack

Ryan Sides said...

Hasn't Paulino been working out pretty rigidly the whole time anyway? If he's in Houston working out or Florida working out, at least he's getting work in somewhere.

The Constable. said...

And +1 to Sides. Paulino has apparently dropped a lot of weight, and has been working out hard all off-season.