Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Minor league update!

Zach Levine returns with a blog featuring some minor-league updates:

-T.J. Steele and Jay Austin will progress a level despite missing time with hamstring issues. (Steele to Corpus; Austin to Lancaster)

-Matt Nevarez could skip Lancaster and head to Corpus

Bennett, on Nevarez:
We're still getting to know him a little bit. He had a good instructional league last fall. We're going to keep the same open mind with him as we do with our other top prospects. His performance, to a certain extent, will dictate where he goes, but I'm of a mindset where we can challenge him. He's had huge success at low-A ball. He had a lot of strikeouts. The command of his fastball is pretty good. If he shows us that he can handle AA, I'd be open to it."