Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Minor League Baseball to test for HGH

Linking to a New York Times report, is reporting that Minor League Baseball will be using a test that busted a rugby player for HGH.

The newspaper, citing an unidentified baseball official with direct knowledge of the matter, reported on its Web site last night that MLB will implement blood tests that can reveal HGH use.

This is good news for purists, and bad news for players. An HGH test was previously thought impossible, but with that poor rugby bastard testing positive, we may be seeing the number of ADHD baseball players increase dramatically in the minors.

The Biz of Baseball's Maury Brown has some reaction here and here:
(There's) no reliable test (for HGH). With blood testing and Survey Test debacle, MLB players will cite privacy concerns...If there were a reason for minor league players to unionize, maybe this will be catalyst.

The Biz also has this report of additional changes to what will be tested in the upcoming season. There are 12 PEDs and 30 stimulants, so I won't list them all.