Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brad Mills is awesome, volume 41

Richard Justice's morning column has plenty of awesome things to say about how awesome Brad Mills is. And he's awesome.

Chris Sampson:
"It's a different atmosphere. That's for sure. He asked me to send him the information (on the opening of Sampson's baseball camp), and he showed up. Just having him call me was a big deal. I appreciated he'd take the time to do that. But for him to go that extra step ...It lets you know he's on your side, that he's going to have your back, that he cares."

“The whole thing of working together is important. That we can try to accomplish something here and build a foundation. It's integrity with one another. It's character and how we go about things. If we don't agree, we can talk about that, too. We don't have to agree on everything. That's what it's about. It opens the door for them to give themselves a chance to be the best player they can be. They don't have to keep worrying about what's going on behind closed doors, behind their backs, whatever. Hopefully, they feel a freedom to be the player they're capable of."

Sean Berry:
“The presence he has brought here has just been incredible. His attitude every morning, his energy. His reminding us that this is what winning teams do. It means a lot. It's hard out there. It picks them up and brings their edge up a little and makes us more prepared for the season.”