Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet Your 1977 Houston Astros

So not long ago I shared with y'all that I will be managing the 1977 Houston Astros in a Strat-O-Matic replay of the 1977 season, entitled Play That Funky Baseball. I also promised that I would share my lineups.

Let me know what you think, and check out the options for yourself. Opening Day is February 28.

vs LHP
SS J. Gonzalez (.256/.310/.368)
LF T. Puhl (.275/.370/.350)
2B A. Howe (.273/.353/.413)
1B B. Watson (.322/.387/.553)
3B E. Cabell (.335/.382/.549)
CF C. Cedeno (.296/.393/.512)
RF J. Cruz (.239/.283/.310)
C J. Ferguson (.180/.279/.352)

vs RHP
C J. Ferguson (.290/.420/.471)
CF C. Cedeno (.274/.330/.440)
1B B. Watson (.276/.350/.478)
RF J. Cruz (.321/.396/.535)
LF T. Puhl (.307/.388/.413)
2B A. Howe (.260/.329/.411)
3B E. Cabell (.262/.288/.399)
SS J. Gonzalez (.241/.276/.293)

SP1 J.R. Richard
SP2 M. Lemongello
SP3 J. Niekro
SP4 J. Andujar
SP5 F. Bannister
SP6 D. Larson
CL K. Forsch