Monday, February 15, 2010

Have some Pepto Bismol

I had all of the symptoms required for appropriate Pepto Bismol use regarding the Willy Taveras contract heartache. (For a recap, click here). But it's all for naught, as the Nationals screwed up and signed him to the same deal the Astros offered.

Maybe Willy got his feelings hurt over the linked post above. It was certainly the most-commented on post I can remember in quite some time. I guess he has a better chance at getting a major-league spot in Washington. Or maybe he just wanted to watch Stephen Strasburg pitch. Who knows? All I know is, now I'll be able to sleep a little better.

UPDATE: Bernardo Fallas isn't taking President's Day off, which, sadly, the Nationals should have done, and has this quote from Taveras' agent:
“This was a difficult decision for Willy given that Houston is his home and given his relationship with the ball club. However, the Nationals presented Willy with the best opportunity for playing time.”

Now I return to trying to catch up on Lost, with La Constabless.