Thursday, February 11, 2010

God have mercy...

Bernardo Fallas is delivering the sad, sad news that the Astros have offered Willy Taveras a minor-league contract, after he cleared waivers.

So let's recap. The Reds thought he sucked, so they traded him to Oakland, where the A's thought Aaron Miles sucked enough to trade him over to the Reds. The A's were happy enough just to dump his contract, designating Taveras for assignment the same day they traded for him, where upon he was released. No other MLB team would claim him (with the size of his contract having a lot to do with it, I understand), meaning that of the 30 major league teams, nobody wanted him.

Except the Astros.

Now I get the possibility of his being a late-inning replacement, defensive specialist, etc. He'll have to outwork Yordany, Bogusevic, Sullivan, Michaels, etc. I get it. $400,000. I understand. I still hate it.