Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brandon Lyon, #17 pitching pick-up

Sporting News' Stan McNeal has another one of his lists. This time it's the Top 20 pitching pickups of the off-season. And Brandon Lyon clocks in at #17:

No reliever signed for more ($15 million) than the righthander. No wonder the Astros are saying the cyst drained from Lyon's shoulder last month was no big deal.


Joe said...

Yeah but all it takes is one good season with 40 some odd saves to make that 3 year contract a bargain. As long as he doesnt throw it down the middle in an obvious part of the count like Valverde, I'll be fine. Oh and I would much rather pay 3 years 15 million than 3 years 37.5 million with a club option for Brad "fallen off the" Ledge.

Joe said...

OMG i know this totally off topic, but we just traded Carl FREAKING Landry to the KINGS. I retract my previous statement saying the we should give Daryl Morey all houston GM powers :[