Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Day: You Know You're An Astros fan When...

Snow day. Eight episodes of Lost. I'm ready for baseball. Comment with your submission, I'll delete your submission and re-post it, and keep putting this up top:

(I'll start)

You know you're an Astros fan...

...When you yell at every replay of Game 4 of the 2005 World Series that Orlando Palmeiro was safe.

When you can still feel Albert Pujols' home run in your heart.

When most of your baseball arguments start with 'Oh come on, he's not THAT bad...'

Jeff Polman:
You just can't bring yourself to throw out those yellow and orange striped boxer shorts.

You keep getting asked, "How'd you end up being a fan of *that* team?"

When you no longer refer to Brad Ledge as Brad Lidge.

Deputy Jason:
You can name-drop the entire 86 team and spell Knepper correctly.

You think Bagwell was held back in Boston's organization because he had a mullet.

You stood in awe, at the seat in the upperdeck at the dome where Eric Anthony once bashed a homer.

You ran onto the field after the final game at the dome an pulled out the dumb flowers that ran along the outfield fence.

(+3 for quality)