Sunday, February 21, 2010

13 position players are early

Ed. note: This post has been updated. And I will step up my game.

Alyson Footer is tweeting that 13 position players are in camp three days early:

Chris Johnson
Jeff Keppinger
Tommy Manzella
Kaz Matsui
Drew Meyer
Chris Shelton
Wladimir Sutil
Jason Bourgeois
Michael Bourn
Jason Michaels
Hunter Pence
Yordany Ramirez
Brian Bogusevic


Patrick said...

Quintero and Castro had to show up by Friday due to the pitchers/catchers report date. If i recall correctly, they were both at camp prior to the 19 technically they did report early

tpack said...

Glad to see Yordany on that list. Would love to see him as 5th OF. Also happy with Chris Johnson though that seems in vain.

Guesses on Carlos Lee's ETA? April?

Joe said...

Carlos thought and still thinks the report date is April 24th.