Monday, January 11, 2010

Zach Levine on Myers

Levine has a new post up on the Myers signing.

In total, Myers has allowed 76 home runs at home and 71 on the road since Citizens Bank Park opened. It's probably not the gulf you're looking for if you're an Astros fan, but there is a little room for improvement since you should be allowing more on the road naturally with home field advantage...

...A very large percentage, therefore, of his fly balls are leaving the yard, and the ballpark might be the answer, but with the home-road split not really that extreme, it's likely not the only answer...

...Myers' history also consists of an accusation of domestic violence, no charges from his wife and a relationship that was either repaired or never impaired. It also, famously in some circles, consists of a blow-up at a newspaper writer in which Myers used the word "retard" and then was asked to spell it before the whole thing escalated and eventually went viral.

I hope those incidents, alleged and recorded, respectively, will not be his legacy, and I really don't think they will. I eagerly anticipate seeing the next chapter from Brett Myers, abrasive or not, injured or not, blasted into the Crawford Boxes or not.