Monday, January 11, 2010

McLane's (alleged) double standard

Interesting note from Justice's new blog post this morning in the wake of the Brett Myers signing:

There'd never been a hint of domestic abuse with Myers before the incident. There hasn't been one since. Again, this is no excuse for what he did that one night.

When reported that Myers had agreed to terms with the Astros on Friday, I sent Ed Wade an email that said: ''Isn't this the guy that beat up his wife? Isn't he a first-class jerk? Can you help me understand why you would want this guy on your club?''

Wade and I had a long telephone chat about Myers. I also communicated with four friends who know Myers well. To a man, they said they liked him...

...Drayton McLane ordered Julio Lugo released the day he was arrested for beating up his wife. He didn't want for the case to be resolved or for Lugo to have his day in court. He agreed to pay the remainder of his contract and send him packing.

Is McLane showing one standard for a Latino player and another for a white guy? That's a fair interpretation.

My read on the two incidents is that McLane reacted angrily, feeling he had enough of the facts and didn't want for the lawyers to get involved...

...Once the deal is signed, McLane can explain for himself there's a double-standard regarding Lugo and Myers.