Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Temple paper thinks pretty highly of Lance

Back in July there was a poll asking whether or not Lance was a Hall of Famer. You could have answered "Yes," "No," or "Not yet." 26% said "Yes," 6% said "No," and 65% said "Not Yet."

The Temple Daily-Telegram has high hopes for Lance's impending enshrinement, but Lance himself isn't so sure:

Columnist Greg Willie:
If Berkman plays at least five more seasons and maintains or at least approaches his standard production, these milestones would become reachable - 500 homers, 1,500 RBI, 2,500 hits (he probably walks too often to challenge 3,000), 500 doubles, 1,500 runs and 1,500 walks. Those, baseball fans, are Hall of Fame-worthy numbers.

"I've got a long way to go. Realistically, I'd need to have five, six, seven more good years."

Of course, Lance will be 34 on Opening Day 2010, so he'll need to produce at the same level until he's at least 39 or 40. Can he do it? And for Astros fans, will he do it in Houston?