Friday, January 8, 2010

Tejada finding that teams aren't so jazzed about paying 35-year old shortstops $8 million

Jorge Arangure Jr's new blog post discusses the plight of Miguel Tejada.

During the World Baseball Classic this year, then Houston Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada told reporters that he was willing to play any infield position in 2010 -- including third base -- which was a surprising turn for a player who had so steadfastly clung to his beloved shortstop position.

At the all star game, Tejada, a free agent to be, reiterated that sentiment during media sessions at the All Star game. Now in the offseason, the usually reclusive Tejada, made that same declaration once again to a Spanish-speaking reporter from the Associated Press, which may signal that Tejada still hasn't found the free agent marketplace to his liking.

He'll move to 3B, but as Arangure notes, he hasn't really played it. And when the Dominican Republic got bounced out of the 1st round of the WBC last Spring, Tejada was their 3B for all of eight minutes. Now teams aren't so sure about giving $8 million (the money Tejada is rumored to be seeking) to a 3B who hasn't ever really played 3B.