Saturday, January 30, 2010

McTaggart's Inbox Review

McTaggart posted a new inbox. What learning opportunities does this present?

First, though, an opening:
Without getting into any specific predictions, let me just say I think the signing of pitcher Brett Myers makes the Astros a lot more interesting. All of a sudden, I could see them contending in the division if things go right, and we all know the division isn't that strong.

The Cardinals get the annual Paper Tiger award, in that they look like they've already wrapped up the division. PECOTA has the Cardinals winning the division by seven games, and the Reds five games better than the 3rd-place Cubs. I don't know about that, but what it does indicate is that the rest of the NLC is wide open.

On Wesley Wright, whom reader Jake S. bemoaned the fact that many blogs aren't giving Wright a chance to be SP5:
You're right in your assessment that no one is giving him much of a chance. First, Wright just made the move to starter this winter and performed pretty well in the Dominican. But he remains an unknown commodity as a starter.

On Cory Sullivan, who won't get the same slack that Erstad got:
Sullivan would do well to replicate what Erstad brought the club in '08, but he has to perform better than last year's Erstad or he'll be sent packing.

Don't expect too much from Manzella at the plate:
Just go into the season knowing Manzella will wow you with his glove, but he isn't going to knock the cover off the ball. He's a very hard worker, however, who understands the strides he needs to make to get better at the plate. He just needs to hit well enough to stay in the lineup.