Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bud Norris, meet the New York Times. New York Times, meet Bud Norris

Pretty fascinating article yesterday in the New York Times yesterday about the annual rookie camp. This camp, according to the NYT, is to prepare the top baseball prospects for life in the limelight, how to enjoy it, and how to make it last. (Sending pictures of your bait and tackle to chicks, I'm guessing, isn't part of the strategy).

In just the past year or two, experts and players say, the culture of celebrity — aided by cellphone videos, social-networking Web sites and round-the-clock sports coverage — has grown so all-consuming that it has thoroughly invaded players’ lives. It can inflate their fame, or spoil it, far faster than most can mentally adjust.

(Note: Fine. No more calling Bud Norris "The Troof." -Ed.)

And, hey! Bud Norris was there:
“You get on ESPN once and people you haven’t talked to in years come out of the woodwork and somehow find your phone number.

Apparently, Bud Norris looks like he might be interested in helping with the start-up for various internet ventures:
“Happened to me three times already — an Internet company, one was skin care, and I don’t remember the other. Living in the limelight is awesome so far. What I like about this is that it makes you think about the things you’ll face in much more depth than you may have."

So I have this idea to sell self-cooling baseball gloves. Bud, if you're interested, call me.