Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ed Wade thinks this week is better than last week

Brian McTaggart's new article has some new-found optimism from Ed Wade, as well as an update on any more potential moves this off-season:

"If there's an opportunity to pull some more guys off the list of free agents or do something from a trade standpoint that makes sense, we'll do it. Anything we do going forward will have to have roster ramifications, and in all likelihood the types of offers we make between now and the beginning of Spring Training will be of the non-roster variety. There's still a couple of guys that we have been interested in all winter, and there's a chance we'll add one or two of them to add more depth. We've been aggressive in the six-year free-agent market and brought in some guys, not only to help the Round Rock club, but also to possibly help the big league club as well."

The biggest change in personnel is going to be at Round Rock, says Wade:
"There's a good chance over half the Triple-A club could be different, coming from outside the organization."

Ricky Bennett:
Most of them have Major League experience, and you mix that with some of the guys we had in Triple-A last year like Ramirez, Bogusevic -- and Collin Delome could be in the mix depending on what happens at the Major League level -- we've got a chance to have a very a competitive club. We have some depth we haven't had in recent years."

Within this piece, we also see that the Astros have re-signed Roy Corcoran and Jeremy Johnson.