Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Castro in Top 50 prospects

Jason Castro has been named Prospect #31 in the MLB Top 50 Prospects page (Check the video. You'll weep.)

Ed Wade:
"We knew that he had a chance to be a special player coming out of the Draft. That was clear to Bobby Heck and our scouts who had a chance to see him a lot. He's a very level-headed kid with good athleticism, but until you get a player in your system and see how he handles playing every single day and see how he handles wooden bats and all the different demands that come along with professional baseball, you really can't predict how fast he'll move."

What are his chances in Spring Training?
"In our eyes, he's not coming in as a non-roster invitee. He's coming in as a non-roster invitee with a legitimate chance to be standing behind the dish when the national anthem is played on Opening Day. We're not saying he's not ready for the big leagues, but he's a very young player with corners left to turn. We like his defensive skills, the way he sets up behind home plate, his arm and his release and intellectually the way he can call a game. And we like him offensively. He's got a chance to develop more power as he gets more comfortable, and there are several phases of the game he can get better at."

Hey. What does that Prospect Page (linked in the video) say?
Castro has big league backstop written all over him. He's a terrific receiver with a good and accurate arm behind the plate. His leadership skills make him a complete package defensively. At the plate, depending on whom you ask, he's got a little power to maybe a tick above average pop. He does have a solid approach at the plate, and isn't afraid to work counts and take a walk.

Huzzah! Eat it, Buster Posey!