Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Astros apparently on hand to check out Noah Lowry

According to Jerry Crasnick, the Astros are one of 10-15 teams that will be on hand to check out pitcher Noah Lowry next week in Phoenix. He hasn't thrown in the majors since 2007.

The others are: Red Sox, Reds, Dodgers, Cardinals, Nationals, Mariners, Cubs, Braves & Mets (of course the Mets are interested. If you can throw two pitches, with a fastball over 84mph, please send your resume to Omar Minaya.)


OremLK said...

Blech. This guy is worse than Russ Ortiz. Hasn't pitched since 2007, and his strikeout/walk ratio over his last two major league seasons? 1.25. He puts the ball in play, too, and he doesn't even get very many groundballs.

The Constable. said...

Wait. So what makes him a problem for the Astros...?