Thursday, January 14, 2010

#19, baby!

Yahoo's Tim Brown is reporting that Valverde has agreed to a deal with the Tigers. What is this deal?

2 years, $14 mil. Third year option for $9 mil.

So a $7 mil/year average, with an option that could push it to almost $8m/year over the life of the contract. Valverde got his multi-year deal, not as much as he would have received through arbitration, but more guaranteed money. Good for him. His agent may have just saved his job. But mainly, good for the Astros. It was a gamble that ultimately paid off.

We'll have two of the first 19 picks in the 2010 draft, and a supplemental pick between the 1st and 2nd Round (which McTaggart says will be #34).

Jim Bowden's reaction:
The Houston Astros best move this off-season? When the Tigers agreed with Valverde giving Houston the 19th overall pick in round 1 of draft


Michael said...

I am going to go home and celebrate with my favorite beer and pray to my posters of Bobby Heck!!!! Hot diggity!!

Peanut said...

Hot damn! Thanks for keeping us all updated on this situation (and pretty much everything involving the Astros). Your work is much appreciated.

OremLK said...

Excellent! Best news this off-season!

Kevin said...

Hopefully Drayton (or whoever owns the team when the draft rolls around) is ready to spend the money on signing bonuses!!!

Just imagine... a year from now we may be talking about 3 brand new guys with the same regard we currently talk about Castro, Mier, Lyles.

OremLK said...

"Just imagine... a year from now we may be talking about 3 brand new guys with the same regard we currently talk about Castro, Mier, Lyles."

Let's not forget that Tanner Bushue, who a lot of places are high on as well, was our second pick (#69 overall) in '09... well, we'll be getting a pick in the high-fifties this time. So it could be four guys, not just three!

Kevin said...

Good point about Bushue. He kind of flew under the radar of the mainstream media this year.

Perhaps management will take a chance on a riskier, big name, may be harder to sign guy in this draft.

Peanut said...

I doubt it, Kevin. Heck often speaks of the importance of building a "depth of quality" in the system, and he should still be in that mode at this point. In the first few rounds, expect them to draft players they know they'll be able to sign around the slot bonus. They've shown that they can snag quality players at those prices, so there's no dire need to go after a big name. Signing a high-profile player to a big bonus would just hamstring them in signing their other high picks.

With those players added to the system, though, you might see them take some chances in rounds 5-10 (along the lines of Dydalewicz in '08). By going after less certain signs in the later rounds, they can mitigate their risk while still taking advantage of the multiple high picks.

The Constable. said...

Awww, you guys are the best.

I'll agree, I think Wade and Heck will sign guys they think they can sign, because they don't need another 2007 debacle. And with the extra picks, they'll want to keep the overall cost down. Remember, draft picks in the first round (and supplemental round) go for about $1m+, so the Astros may have an extra two picks, but they'll pay out about $3m for their first three picks.

The Tigers can - and do - routinely go above slot, so they can sign a 1st round guy no one else would sign in the 2nd round, and give him 1st round money.