Thursday, January 14, 2010

#19, baby!

Yahoo's Tim Brown is reporting that Valverde has agreed to a deal with the Tigers. What is this deal?

2 years, $14 mil. Third year option for $9 mil.

So a $7 mil/year average, with an option that could push it to almost $8m/year over the life of the contract. Valverde got his multi-year deal, not as much as he would have received through arbitration, but more guaranteed money. Good for him. His agent may have just saved his job. But mainly, good for the Astros. It was a gamble that ultimately paid off.

We'll have two of the first 19 picks in the 2010 draft, and a supplemental pick between the 1st and 2nd Round (which McTaggart says will be #34).

Jim Bowden's reaction:
The Houston Astros best move this off-season? When the Tigers agreed with Valverde giving Houston the 19th overall pick in round 1 of draft