Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wade, on the trade

Alyson Footer posted a series of tweets quoting Ed Wade. There are too many to link to individually, so let's just get a narrative going:

On Lindstrom:
"We'll use him in the late innings. Right now he's the most experienced closer we have on staff. That could still be the case on opening day and we're OK with that."

On Luis Bryan:
"Our guys thing Bryan is going to be a good big league player. But he's 19 and x number of years from the big leagues."

On Bono:
He has a chance to pitch in the big leagues and we recognize that. But we had a chance to add a kid who can close and with the struff Lindstrom has, you have to give up something to get something. If we had to give up prospects, we're doing it from an area where we have some strength."

Footer adds:
Wade adds that search for closer is not over. Still involved in discussions. "Today was a busy day."

Interesting that the Astros may or may not be done. Either way it's interesting. I'm guessing Fulchino and Arias just got promotions.

JJO's companion piece at the Chronicle quotes Wade:
If we get multiples that would be great. We’re pursuing multiples right now. If we’re successful in our pursuit, then that’s great. If we’re not successful. If we get one not two, then we have a couple different ways to go. One, we can continue this pursuit. It doesn’t end tomorrow.

“There may be bullpen pieces available here for an extended period of time. We can go in the direction of ratcheting some of our guys into roles that we think that they’re capable of handling. They just haven’t been called upon to handle them in the past. We start talking about (Chris) Sampson, (Jeff) Fulchino, (Alberto) Arias, (Sammy) Gervacio. These are all good arms who have shown the mental makeup to be able to pitch late in games. We’re going to try to add. If we don’t have we have internal candidates. We’ll see how it goes.”

Oritz also says the Astros maintain interest in Pedro Feliz.