Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just FYI, LaHawk's contract

JJO has some details on Wade's negotiations with LaHawk, with Wade:

“It’s something that’s he tried to find for the last three or four years, and he found it in what we think may have been the 11th hour. We thought we were closing in on getting a deal done. We talked about a year and a vesting option. They actually came back and asked about just a clean one-year deal. We made our proposal, but we got turned down for two years. We’ll move on. We got some other things working right now. There’s a possibility of picking up a bullpen piece via trade. We had some conversations in that regard.”

Bob Nightengale has the details of LaHawk's contract with the Brewers:

2010: $3m with $500,000 signing bonus
2011: $4m with $275,000 in incentives