Saturday, December 12, 2009

So that's why he left Philly and went to the Astros?

Hang on. So Pedro Feliz said:

"I think they've got a great team, and I think it's a great opportunity for me to go there and have a chance to get to the World Series."

I'm sorry Happy Pete, but I think your best chance for the World Series was to have stayed where you were. Which leads to a larger question: Can you discount 90% of the introductory media statements as 100% bullcrap?

More Feliz:
"I'm going to give 100 percent and leave everything I have on the field. In my mind, I'm always thinking about winning, and that's the main point for me. I think the Astros have potential, have good players. It's a great team and a great opportunity."

And this is the point at which Lance said, "Good. He can be the team leader."

We think Pedro brings a lot of different elements to our club. Before we talk about the offensive side of his game, his defense has always been very solid. We certainly think with him and Blum, our defense is in pretty good shape at third base...

...He knocked in 80-plus runs last year, which is fairly standard for him, he hits well with runners in scoring position and is durable. He started 150 games at third place [last season] and played in 155 games. In our environment with Geoff here, we have a chance to give him rest from time to time and keep him sharp...

...He struggled down the stretch in August and September, and a lot of that seemed to be workload related. We can pick and choose our spots to give him rest and keep him fresh."

McTaggart notes that the Astros' payroll will be around $95 million, though today is the non-tender deadline.