Friday, December 18, 2009

Olney's note on Valverde and Tejada

In Buster Olney's new blog post, BO highlights the surprising number of available free agents still available. One of those free agents is Jose Valverde, whose agent didn't really do him a solid:

(Valverde) had a strong season as the Astros' closer, posting a 2.33 ERA with just 40 hits and five homers allowed in 54 innings. But there are very few closer positions open now -- in Detroit, Florida and perhaps Washington, all teams that are not necessarily inclined to spend big dollars on a closer -- and there may be no opportunities for him to make in salary what he might've made had he accepted arbitration from Houston last week.

Mmm. And the question is, which team is willing to pay him AND give up the draft pick. Valverde's agent definitely nutted this one...

Another of those free agents is Miguel Tejada:
He hit .313 with 61 extra-base hits while playing in Houston last season (and yes, his home-road splits are acute, and he has indicated a willingness to play some other position besides shortstop. Scouts love his energy, but he made almost $15 million in salary last year and, like Bobby Abreu, he might be facing a major adjustment in salary.

Any thoughts on the market for Tejada?