Sunday, December 20, 2009

Okay. This is odd.

The Port Arthur News' Bob West has this in his column:

Word out of the winter baseball meetings was that a handful of teams, including the Boston Red Sox, were asking about Astros first baseman Lance Berkman. Word out of Houston, however, is that hell will freeze over before Astros owner Drayton McLane agrees to deal his overweight fan favorite, despite the fact Berkman's coming off a subpar season that suggests he might be on the downside of his career.

If you followed the Winter Meetings fairly closely, you know the Red Sox are hot for Adrian Gonzalez, which isn't going so well. If you had the opportunity to trade Berkman to the Red Sox, would you do it, and who would you want in return?


Anonymous said...

no. I would not. I expect BIG things from Berkman the next 2 years. and then, he'll retire. michael.

Jason Cardwell said...

I wonder if it bothers Puma that people call him overweight. I mean, is he really overweight? I say hold on to Lance unless the deal was really sweet.

OremLK said...

The only way I'd trade the Puma would be if we absolutely robbed somebody in terms of the return we got. I'd want their top 5 prospects or something close to that.

Hitters as good as Lance are nigh-impossible to find on the open market, and he has played well enough to justify his contract (even in 2009).

tpack said...

I'd be more interested in dealing Lee, though I suspect the Red Sox (and maybe Lee) would be less interested. Doesn't Berkman have a no-trade?

The Constable. said...

Berkman and Lee (and Roy) all have no-trade clauses, and Lee doesn't want to go anywhere. He's perfectly happy getting his money from Drayton.

But Berkman has indicated his interest in playing elsewhere if he doesn't like the direction the team is going, so if the Red Sox came calling, Berkman may listen.

And while it's debatable on how comparable Berkman and Adrian Gonzalez are, you would think that the Red Sox (or anybody else) would offer the Padres a sweeter deal given the age difference between the two.

I give Berkman a lot of crap, mainly because of his attitude towards the end of the season, but I don't think I would want Berkman out.

Kevin said...

Berkman to the Rangers makes a lot more sense if they had the money/ownership issues worked out. I could see him waiving his NTC for that.

But like Orem said, it would take at least 5 top prospects to make it palletable from our perspective.