Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Now that Valverde's gone, LaHawk is planning to make some hay

LaTroy Hawkins is in Indianapolis (or at least on his way) to try to get a deal worked out with the Astros by the end of the Winter Meetings.

Larry Reynolds, LaHawk's agent:
"There's some opportunities out there we've got to look at and figure out what's going to be in his best interest and move from there."

"We'll continue to have dialogue with LaTroy. We've never walked away from the Hawkins situation. We've just recognized if Valverde accepted it would put some limitations on how much we could spend in the eighth and ninth innings. There's Hawkins and a number of other guys that we think fit the profile, not only of what LaTroy does but with the potential of being able to close."

From LaHawk's standpoint, Houston might be more attractive than Colorado or Atlanta, where there are established closers already on the roster. This is, of course, LaHawk isn't really interested in closing, then it's wide open again.