Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hawkins and Wade going round and round

JJO has an update on the process with LaHawk:

First, Jorge Arangure, Jr was right: LaHawk was scheduled to meet with Arizona, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore, but isn't talking about the negotiations.

Freedom and flexibility is great. Not having the best closer (in free agency Valverde) is not. … We view it as we have the ability to fill more than one spot on the back of the bullpen."

However, like Tejada, length of contract with LaHawk is a sticking point:
“I think Hawkins would like to do something on a multi-year basis. We're not at that position at this time.”

Wade does have some hooks in the water on the trade front but, of course, did not elaborate.

I'm scared of the trade front. Unless we're trading Tal's Hill for the Green Monster, I'm not sure anything good can come via trade.