Friday, December 11, 2009

Chris Johnson's future, for at least 2010

Richard Justice offers a little analysis on what the Pedro Feliz signing means for Chris Johnson, 2009's 3B1-to-be.

Chris Johnson will still be given every opportunity to win the third-base position this spring. Remember that he was so highly regarded last spring that the Astros figured he'd spend a few weeks at Round Rock, then become the everyday third baseman.

"Chris will certainly get a chance to compete and we think he has a solid big league future. But we believe Feliz brings, at the very least, some short-term certainty to the position. Chris won't be the first prospect who was given more time to develop, if necessary."

So Blum will hit against lefties, which he did to a tune of:
.345/.424/.483. Sounds awesome, right? Hold on. Blum did this in 29ABs. That's right. Cecil Cooper had Blum take 92.3% (394 of 427) of his plate appearances against righties, against whom he hit .239/.305/.358.

Pedro Feliz will hit against righties, which in 2009 he hit:
.282/.317/.387 in 450 plate appearances.