Monday, November 9, 2009

Writers can't get enough of the Astros' potential interest in pitchers

The Toronto Star's Richard Griffin says the Blue Jays need to trade Roy Halladay stat, and he lists ten teams who would be a good fit.

First, the criteria for these ten teams:
-See themselves as contenders.
-Showed previous interest in Halladay.
-Have the prospects to put together a package.
-Have the necessary financial resources to strike a long-term deal while they have him.
-Are no longer upset with the Jays' GM since he's new, young and enthusiastic.

Really? The Astros fit here? Griffin's logic:
The Astros hired Doc's pitching coach Brad Arnsberg and have more payroll than you think.



OremLK said...

That's pretty stupid. The payroll isn't the issue, the farm is. Wade won't burn through what few decent prospects we have just for a rental of Halladay. Nor should he.

Kevin said...

Look at what Philadelphia gave up for Lee. It wasn't anywhere near the top talent in their system. Ask a Philly fan and they'll probably tell you they gave up nothing worthwhile.
Plus I'd say Cleveland had all the leverage in that situation seeing how Phil. needed that trade to happen.
I think Toronto's leverage has lessened now that teams are not in desperate stretch-run mode. Plus the fact Roy is now even more of rental than he was at the 09 trade deadline.

Kevin said...

Not to mention Richard Griffin sounds like Toronto's version of Richard Justice and probably trying to MAKE news and speculation.