Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wade, on the holes in the lineup...and the rotation

Expanding on the blog post earlier, Brian McTaggart has a full-length article addressing the holes in the Astros' lineup and rotation:

On the extra outfielder situation:
"From the standpoint of position players with both Jason Michaels and Darin Erstad being free agents, our extra-outfield situation at this point is an issue. I'm not saying we wouldn't bring both guys back, but both are free agents, and we have to recognize we have a void now."

What about adding a pitcher, despite really having only one spot open for Paulino, Wilton Lopez, and the newly-converted SP Wesley Wright?
"But at the same time, if we have an opportunity to make a deal that brings us a starting pitcher [it will be considered]. But everybody is looking to add starting pitching."

Oh, and what about catcher?
"I thought J.R. caught better for us at the end of the season last year. Q has established himself at the very least as a solid backup catcher at the big league level, so we have two guys we like. Whether we add onto that or not remains to be seen. Castro we think at some point in time will be here, whether it's April or some point beyond. I certainly don't see us going out and adding a front-line starting catcher. We do believe with J.R. and Q already here and Castro on the horizon that we've got coverage there. Our resources are better used in other areas to try to improve."