Sunday, November 8, 2009

NESN goes out of its way to warn the Astros about Marco Scutaro

This is bizarre. The improbably-named Evans Clinchy warns:

There will be a lot of teams actively looking for a free-agent shortstop this winter including the Tigers, Astros and Padres. Along with Toronto and Boston, the Cardinals could also be shopping for one, unless they have faith in Julio Lugo.

All of these teams should take a look at Scutaro, but they should also ask themselves one important question: How much can you really value a two-month breakout at the outset of a contract year?

Scutaro has a career .265 batting average and comes with occasional power to the gaps. He doesn't steal bases, he doesn't walk much, he can't hit the ball out of the ballpark and his defense is adequate. Simply put, there are a lot of Marco Scutaros out there. Supply is high and the Red Sox need to be careful to keep their demand under control.

So...sounds like he'd be perfect in Houston!


OremLK said...

Actually, Scutaro historically has had a decent-to-good walk rate (9.8% for his career), and his career OBP is right about what Tejada's was this season and for his career.

Scutaro is also a slightly below average defensive shortstop according to UZR, which would be an improvement over Tejada, who is pretty terrible.

None of this is really relevant since Wade has pretty much come out and stated that Manzella will be the starting shortstop for 2010. But nonetheless I think this writer is selling Scutaro short; he is pretty much a league average shortstop and would be a serviceable addition to any team with a need at the position.

The Constable. said...

Good points all around, and he's going to be a cheaper option than Tejada or Gonzalez or Lugo.