Sunday, November 8, 2009

Justice lobbies for Chris Johnson

In a blog post this morning, Richard Justice takes on the task of making a case for Chris Johnson at 3B1 come 2010:

Tejada made $14.8 million in 2009. He's a great, great guy, a great clubhouse presence, a great teammate. Unfortunately, the Astros can't afford him unless he's willing to play for something like $2 million. He may not be worth it at that price, either.

Baseball is about power and pitching, and Tejada doesn't provide either. He did hit .313, but walked just 19 times and hit only 14 home runs. I have to think that rookie Chris Johnson would do better than that, and there's a chance he'll get better. Tejada is headed the other way...

...Would you rather have pitching or a old third baseman? I'd rather have pitching, but that's just me.