Friday, November 13, 2009

More GIDP fun

Yesterday's post spawned some more curiosity, so let's take us a gander at the rate of GIDPs per batted ball. If batted ball is defined as (AB - K) + SAC, then following this formula, Tejada had (635 ABs - 48K) + 8 SAC = (635 - 48) + 8 = 595 batted balls. We already know that Tejada grounded into 29 double plays. This is a rate of 20.517 batted balls per GIDP (46th. Meaning there were 45 players who GIDPed at a better rate of Batted Balls than Tejada). Who GIDPed more often than Tejada (per batted ball)?

Oh, in order to be on this list, a player had to have grounded into at least five double plays (with at least 100 batted balls)

Name (Team)Batted BallsGIDPBB per GIDP
Kearns (WAS)1231210.250
Soto (CHC)2591913.632
Hall (MIL)1431014.300
Redmond (MIN)116814.500
Quintero (HOU)116814.500
Jaramillo (PIT)1741115.818
Lowell (BOS)3892416.208
Helms (FLA)1641016.400
Molina (StL)4492716.630
Longoria (TB)4512716.704
Pudge (HOU/TEX)3372016.850
Kouzmanoff (SD)4292517.160
Romero (ARI)122717.429
Guillen (KC)2321317.846
Young (MIN)3081718.118
Johnson (SEA)2021118.364
Molina (ARI)112618.667
Kapler (TB)170918.889
Baldelli (BOS)114619.000
Pence (HOU)4792519.160
Gonzalez (SD)4482319.478
Doumit (PIT)2341219.500
Hill (CHC)178919.778
Beltre (SEA)3771919.842
Aurilia (SF)101520.200
Millar (TOR)2021020.200
Young (PIT)2661320.462
Diaz (ATL)2871420.500
Guerrero (LAA)3281620.500
Tejada (HOU)5952920.517

Lance Berkman posted a 28.846 BB/GIDP rate. Other players with a better GIDP/BB ratio than Tejada who also had 500+ batted balls were: Jose Lopez (22.160), Albert Pujols (22.261), Ryan Zimmerman (22.727), Miguel Cabrera (22.955), Brandon Phillips (24.714), and Carlos Lee (26.524).



Kevin said...

Great analysis but shouldn't it be BB/GIDP? What you are finding is how many batted balls occur for one GIDP.
Not trying to nit-pick but if someone references this I wouldn't want them to try to discount your work.

The Constable. said...

Absolutely right. I had it right in one phrasing, but not in another. Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

Ryan Sides said...

Do I dare ask you to pull ground ball % and find the correlation between ground ball % and GIDP? I'm guessing it would be high...

Further, I'm guessing there's some correlation between ground ball % and batting average. (From what I've read, generally more balls on the ground = more base hits.) So what I'd really like to see is proof that grounding into double plays (as a byproduct of hitting ground balls) results in higher batting averages.

Did that make any sense? I guess what I'm saying is that if hitting the ball on the ground is actually preferable, I'll stomach a few GIDPs in exchange for more hits (i.e. Tejada).

I'm still not paying him $10 million though...