Friday, November 13, 2009

Astros getting Bullpen Plans A/B/C in place

McTaggart posts some info on the Astros' plan for the bullpen, noting that he would like to re-sign both Valverde and LaHawk:

"The back end of the bullpen is an issue that has to be dealt with."

Well, that's not very helpful, and McTaggart notes:
Considering Houston's payroll is going to shrink next year, retaining both could be a challenge in tough economic times.


"Whether being able to retain Valverde or do something in free agency or make a trade or take a younger guy and try to push him to the back end of the bullpen, we have to be open-minded."

So I guess it's like this:
Plan A - Re-sign Valverde and LaHawk
Plan B - Make a trade
Plan C - Convert one of the existing relievers (Jeff Fulchino? Alberto Arias?) and make him the 8th inning/9th inning guy.