Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey, That Guy's an Astros Fan! Volume 3

Previously on Hey, That Guy's an Astros Fan we spoke to ESPN's Robert Flores, the Baseball Hall of Fame's Brad Horn, and today we bring you stand-up comedian John Wessling.

John was a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing 2 this summer on NBC. He's also appeared on the Loco Comedy Jam and SiTV's Latino Laugh Festival after touring theaters opening for George Lopez. After starting comedy in Kansas City in 1995, he's been a traffic reporter and a rock radio morning show writer and co-host. He's been touring all over the country and beyond ever since. John was a stand-out performer at the 2004 Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. He headlines at comedy clubs all over the US and Canada and in his spare time he grows hair for You can visit John's official website here.

AC: What's your earliest Astros memory?

JW: My dad worked in oilfield service stuff when I was a kid and I would ride in the truck riding from jobsite to jobsite with him all summer. He found that the only thing that would shut me up was listening to Astro games on AM radio. Milo Hamilton was my first babysitter.

AC: Favorite all-time Astro?

JW: Nolan Ryan. He'll either be commissioner of baseball or Governor of Texas in the next ten years.

AC: Best moment in Astros history?

JW: Hmmm. It's a tie. Clinching the 2005 NL championship over the Cards and the combined 6-man no-hitter at Yankee Stadium.

AC: If you could have hired any manager available, who would it have been and why?

JW: Buck Showalter. Nobody gives him credit for building the core Yankee team that Joe Torre won so many titles with OR for building the D-backs from the ground up...who went on to beat those Yanks in 2001. Whenever I see Buck on ESPN, no matter what he's talking about he's usually right.

AC: Who disappointed you the most in 2009?

JW: Lance Berkman. He's by far my favorite Astro and he was cold as a dead fish all year. I'd like to see more leadership and personality from him in the future.

You can read John's thoughts on sports at Ripped Foul.
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